Rooster Statues

a symbol of luck, fortune and protection

Rooster Statues have been common home decorations, especially in the kitchen, for hundreds of years. They represent a symbol of good luck, fortune, honesty, fortitude and protection.

The rooster animal totem is also thought to symbolize bossiness but in a good, assertive manner. Around the world, the rooster has been recognized as a bird which heralded the dawn by crowing which would dispel evil spirits in much the same way as the light of day dispels darkness.

Today it is best known as a Chinese zodiac symbol and the National Symbol of Portugal – Galo de Barcelos ( Barcelos Rooster).

Galo de Barcelos Rooster Statues

Galo de Barcelos Rooster Statue – Image from:

Rooster Statues Gifts

Rooster Statues make excellent gifts!

Over the years, they’ve become a traditional gift for homes all over the world for new home owners/renters, believing to bring good luck, fortune and protection to the loved one(s) who lives there.

The ideal location to place rooster statues is in the kitchen. This is the traditional place to keep them for the most “powerful” totem effect, at least according to the Legends.

While they can be tricky to find, there are some excellent, and reputable, places you can buy rooster statues from online:

  1. Amazon
  2. Wayfair
  3. Etsy
  4. Ebay

If you prefer to buy a special, handmade rooster statue from an artist, then Etsy is your best option.

If you have been traveling to a country where the intriguing birds are revered (like Portugal), then you may want to either bring one back with you as a souvenir. Or, save on the luggage and order on online when you get back (the effect is still the same and you can save room for other goodies that you can’t order online). You can find birds like the Portuguese Galo de Barcelos on all the major sites: Amazon, WayfairEtsy and Ebay.

Or if you have moved into a new place, or want to buy a great housewarming gift, all of sites mentioned above offer many great options to choose from.

Each special rooster statue has it’s own unique features and design – and each person seems to be drawn differently to them all. You can see which one calls (or crows) out to you by clicking each link above. You can read reviews and make comparisons easily to find your perfect one.

Rooster Statues: The Legends

Many cultures around the world have variations on the legend of the rooster. The most well-know being that of the Portuguese Legend of the Rooster of Barcelos.

Chinese, Japanese and  Thailand also have fond legends featuring roosters as important symbols or spiritual totems.

If you’re curious to learn more about the many rooster legends, go to: Legends of the Rooster

(It’s a great idea when you present a rooster statue as a gift, to offer a fabulous story along with it. Not only does it make the gift more special, but everyone falls in love with these legends and they make great stories to tell friends!)