Top 10 Unique Rooster Decor Items on Amazon

Roosters are great aren’t they? They are beautiful, powerful and kinda quirky. Like the bird, there are very unique rooster decor items out there too!

These are our favorite top 10 unique rooster decor items available on Amazon:

1. Rooster Wine Bottle Holder

Unique Rooster Decor: Rooster Wine Bottle Holder

Rooster Wine Bottle Holder – Happy Feet

How’s this for a conversation starter? Everyone will get a cluckle (pun intended) from this funny guy! It would be impossible to have a bad time with him sitting in the middle of the table while you and all your friends enjoy a tasty glass (or two).

He gets great reviews too. At first glance it may look like some cheap-o decor, but it’s actually quite high quality. Made with durable resin with great attention to detail and painting. Everyone who has this seems to love it – and their friends do too!

2. Rooster Vacuum Cover

Top 10 Unique Rooster Decor: Vacuum Cover

Country Vacuum Cleaner Covers (Rooster)

Call it creepy, cute or kitschy, this rooster vacuum cleaner cover definitely makes for unique rooster decor.

Place it over an unsightly stand-up vacuum and voila! You have an instant conversation piece!

3. Rooster Costume Hat

10 Ten Unique Rooster Decor Gift Ideas: Rooster Costume Hat

Deluxe Rooster or Chicken Costume Mask

Alright sure, not technically a home decor item, we still had to include these funny rooster hats because they are just too weird. There are all sorts of wacky rooster, chicken and turkey themed costume hats for any occasion. Guaranteed laughs!

Shop Rooster-Themed Hats Here

4. Rooster Pet Costume


Chicken Hat for Pets

Again, not home decor but for the same reason we added the rooster hat for humans, a rooster/chicken hat for pets was too irresistible to pass up. Besides, if you get a rooster hat for yourself, then obviously your pet will need one too!

Shop for Foul Featured Frocks for Your Furry Friends Here

5. Rooster Shower Curtain

Unique Rooster Decor: Shower Curtain

Artistic Contemporary Rooster and Hen Shower Curtain

If you just can’t get enough rooster in your life, then a rooster themed shower curtain will be exactly what you need!

From contemporary, classic, artistic to an actual real photo, there is sure to be a rooster shower curtain to suit your style. Then you may call your home complete.

Shop Rooster Shower Curtains Here

6. Chevron Rooster Door Mat

Unique Rooster Decor Chevron Door Mat

Chic Chevron Door Mat

Could this chic chevron rooster welcome mat be more on-trend? This mat would look great anywhere: front-door, garden, patio, kitchen, bathroom. Doesn’t matter where you put it, you know it’ll look fab!

Shop Rooster Mats Here

9. Rooster Table Lamps

Unique Rooster Decor Table Lamp

Tiffany Rooster Table Lamp

We are in LOVE with these unique Tiffany (and Tiffany-style) stained-glass table lamps. Not only do they look elegant, but they cast a beautiful glow, creating a warm ambiance in the room.

Shop Rooster Table Lamps

8. Artisan Rooster Duvet

Unique Rooster Decor: Duvet Bedding

Artisan Rooster Duvet and Bedding – DiaNoche Designs

When you go to bed at night it would be like sleeping in a work of art! Just look at those bright colors and detailed brush strokes.

Made in the USA, it’s printed using special dye to ensure long lasting, vivid colors. On the inside there are ties to secure your duvet in place to keep it from bunching up at the bottom (isn’t that annoying!).

This fabulous set is gorgeous enough to frame on a wall (if you have a wall big enough) but soft enough to wrap around you for a good night’s sleep, safe and sound under the rooster’s protection.

Shop Rooster Bedroom Items

9. Giant Rooster Rocking Chair

Unique Rooster Decor

Rocking Rooster Chair – Cricket Forge – Outdoor Metal Furniture

At the pretty price of, oh, only $920 (yes you read that right!), we’re not sure if anyone has actually bought this stunning piece… but we’ve never seen anything like it before. Doesn’t it look amazing?

It’s handmade in USA, crafted out of steel, painted and weatherproofed. Apparently it needs very little maintenance (can be washed with just soap and water). Size: 46″H x 36″W x 31″D

Could you imagine sitting in this lovely rocking chair, sipping on some fresh OJ, taking in the sights of the garden; the smell of the flowers wafting all around; the birds singing their love songs….ahhh bliss!

10. Giant Rooster Statue

Unique Rooster Decor Giant Statue

Unique Rooster Decor: Giant Rooster Statue

Of course no rooster-loving home is complete without a larger-than-life giant rooster sculpture! And for the bargain price of just $1,939 it can be yours!

Put this guy by your house, driveway or storefront and you’ll be sure to get everyone’s attention! Just think of all the selfies people will take with it!

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