Rooster Legends

Whether you want to buy a rooster statue to bring good luck into your own home or give it as a gift of prosperity and uniqueness to a loved one, no rooster statue is sufficient without a great story!

There are many Rooster Legends throughout history and cultures. Portugal, France, China, Japan and Taiwan revere the raucous, colorful bird for it’s rowdy spirit and belief to ward off evil spirits.

Even though the meaning and story seem to remain similar, each culture has their own beautiful renditions of Legends of the Rooster.

You can literally spend hours researching these stories. Here you can find the short-version of each cultures rendition along with links should you be interested in learning the full story and history.

Portuguese Rooster Legends

According to a 17th Century* Portuguese legend, a man was on a Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. As he was passing through Barcelos, a local landowner wrongly accused the pilgrim of stealing silver. He was arrested and sentenced to hang.

The pilgrim was granted a special request to speak privately to the judge who condemned him. After hearing the man plead his innocence, the judge still refused.



Wikipedia: The Rooster of Barcelos

Chinese Rooster Legends

Chinese Legends of the Rooster


Japanese Rooster Legends

Because the rooster crows at the light of day, dispelling the darkness of night, the Japanese (like many cultures) revere the rooster as a good omen. Japanese legends of the rooster consistently revere it as a sign which will enhance one’s prosperity and fortune.

In Japanese culture they have dedicated festivals and shrines to honor the powerful bird.


Vietnamese Rooster Legends


Taiwanese Rooster Legends


French Rooster Legends


Where to Buy Rooster Statues

Since all Rooster Legends consistently symbolize the bird as a sign of luck, fortune and protection, either owning Rooster Statues or giving them as housewarming decor gifts has become tradition in both Eastern and Western civilizations.

Not only do they make fabulous gifts and excellent conversation pieces, they also make wonderful heirlooms to pass on for years to come. Loved by youngsters and elders, rooster statues truly are one of those rare items that span all generational gaps.

You’ll be delightfully surprised, as you browse through the variety of rooster statues available, at how magnificent these beautiful home (or garden) decor items really are. Each one very unique. Each one special. One in particular will speak to you.

To find – and begin – your own Rooster Legend… you can search through the many options here:

Rooster Shop

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