Best Rooster Statues for Sale on Amazon

While it may be a challenge to find rooster statues locally, there are nearly 4000 of them on Amazon! The trick is to find the very best rooster statues for sale on Amazon.

Selection ranges from size, to material, to style. And of course there’s the varying quality. Sure the photos look great, but is it really?

Online marketplaces seem to be overrun with cheap knockoffs… as you’ve probably experienced once or twice (I know I have!). Reviews can help but can also be manipulated by sellers, competitors and anyone just trying to amuse themselves. Plus, who has the time to read them all (usually I do a quick scan do help narrow down the final contenders).

For this article, we decided to dig deeper. I’ve gone through the reviews and narrowed down the top 10 best roosters for sale on Amazon.

Here are my key criteria for final selection:

  • Ensure a variety of styles to choose from
  • Must have 4 – 5 Stars Reviews (real reviews – yes I read them to make sure)
  • Must be a real statue (not a figurine) – at least 13+ inches tall

Here are the final contenders. I hope this will save you hours of searching for the right one your self!

Top 10 Best Rooster Statues for Sale on Amazon

Deco 79 Ceramic Beige Rooster Statue

Medium Ceramic Decorative Rooster Statue

The creamy, spotted ceramic rooster statue is a classic so it’s easy to see why he’s one of the best.

Note: According to almost everyone, this guy is not nearly as “white” as it may appear on your computer monitor. Expect him to be a darker beige, cream color. Of course all monitors show color slightly different, so that’s something to take into account also.

Despite the actual darker shade, this guy seems to be the clear favorite on Amazon. He gets the most sales and positive reviews.


  • Well painted with good attention to detail
  • Good price-point for quality (not too expensive, not too cheaply made)
  • Good size (13″)
  • Classic style – fits right in with any kitchen


  • Misleading description by seller – says it comes with 3 in package, but it only comes with 1
  • Seems Amazon re-packs the statue and doesn’t do a very good job. A few have arrived broken.
  • Customers have been surprised that the creamy color is darker than it looks in the picture.


As long as you’re aware that the color is darker and give yourself plenty of time to order (in case it arrives broken and you need to get it replaced), then that is the worst of it. The people who have received their ceramic rooster in-tact seem to REALLY love it, emphatically so.

Since the cons are pretty small and the actual product is of quality, this creamy ceramic rooster statue makes the list. 

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