About Rooster Statues

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RoosterStatues.com started during a search to find the perfect home-welcoming gift for my step-daughter when she moved into her new place.

Roosters have been a key symbol in both our families homes for years. My daughter’s grandmother’s kitchen is filled with all the rooster decor you can imagine (not even kidding!).

When I met my husband, he had this magnificent glass sculpture of a rooster in his kitchen that caught my eye (it’s still in our kitchen today).

So I asked him about it and he told me this enchanting story about the legends of the rooster and how they are believed to bring good luck, prosperity and ward off evil in your home – especially when specifically placed in the kitchen.

Funny thing… my daughter’s grandma told me a very similar story (this was before her and my husband had met).

Curious. I thought.

Soon after, I took a trip to Portugal. Their national symbol – Galo de Barcelos – was everywhere!

Have you ever seen a Galo de Barcelos statue? It’s STUNNING!

It’s this wonderful, colorful, artistic statue of a rooster painted in vivid reds, blues and whites. They range from the very small touristy ones to life-size hand-made artisan ones. All of them gorgeous.

I knew I had to bring some back.

Trouble was, all I could bring were some tiny rooster figurines. Sure they were nice little gifts, but not much for real sentimental value.

Soon after my trip, my soon-to-be-husband’s daughter was moving into her very first place. A big event indeed!!

It didn’t take us long to think about the perfect housewarming gift for her. She had grown up with that beautiful rooster statue and known of it’s sentiment her whole life. We knew we had to get her one. And not just some silly tiny figurine souvenir.

The hunt was on!

We went to every shop we could think of! Furniture, kitchen, book, home furnishings, Walmart, discount, local artisans… you name it, we went there.

Nothing. Zilch. Na-da.

Honestly, we almost gave up. We discussed other ideas for gifts. Problem was, we were dead set on giving her a rooster statue. We knew how much it meant. We knew how much it would mean to her.

Then one day…. my soon-to-be-husband was having lunch at a sleepy local restaurant while I was working. Suddenly my phone buzzed over and over!

Hunny, I’ve found it!¬†

cried the voice on the other end.

Uhhh… yes, ok dear… remind me, what have you found?

I was truly curious

I’ve found our Rooster Statue!!

He then exuberantly went on to describe what has become one of the most special and loved home decor items in his daughter’s home: a white and red rooster statue.

She LOVED it.

*side note… she STILL LOVES it!

I wish I could tell you where to buy it, however, this one was handmade by a local artisan.. much like the ones you will find on Etsy.

It wasn’t cheap (cost my hubby over $200!) but it was well worth it. She still has it even years later. She’s even moved once and still displays it proudly. Even brags to her friends about the story of the legends of the rooster and why it’s so important.

After that experience, combined with my own daughter’s grandmother’s love for the bird, we realized just how special rooster statues are in the home – and even the garden.

We searched high and low to find just the right rooster statue – and it took us forever. So we decided to combine all our efforts and research into this site, in hopes that you, will find your special rooster statue too.