I’m sure you’ll agree, that any true rooster lover worth their salt, knows the kitchen is where the heart is. It’s where the family gathers, cooks, eats and has the best of times together. And there’s certainly no shortage of cluckingly great hen and rooster kitchen decor items to set a warm, cosy mood for your loved ones.

Wayfair is such a fantastic place to find any style rooster kitchen decor. Whether you like vintage, eclectic, traditional or modern, you’ll find something to suit your taste.

These are our top picks for the best rooster kitchen decor items for sale at Wayfair:

24 Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair

1. Tea Pot

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Rooster-Teapot-31966

Ceramic Rooster Teapot

Just imagine pouring cup of your favorite tea from this beautiful teapot! It’s a beautiful ceramic tea pot with a tail for the handle and a beak for a spout (anyone else hearing a kid’s song coming on?). The design is so lovely you’ll want to keep this out on display even when you’re not using it.

The only problem will be picking which mugs will you choose to go with it!

Fun Idea: Buy a few different styles and have your guests pick out their own favorite (& see if you can secretly guess which one they will choose) 🙂

2. Rooster Chalkboard
Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Sassafras-Chalk-It-Up-Rooster-2-x-1.77-Chalkboard-3760RS

Sassafras Chalk-it Up Rooster Chalkboard

Well sweet sassafras, isn’t this on-trend rooster chalkboard just the perfect addition for any kitchen? You’ll love how easy it is to quickly write yourself (or others) reminder notes, like, “don’t forget the eggs“!

3. Rooster + Hen Salt & Pepper Shakers

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Kaldun-and-Bogle-Provence-Rooster-Salt-and-Pepper-Set-0962211

Provence Rooster and Hen Salt and Pepper Shaker

These adorable duo are the perfect match to spice things up! Plus they come in just about every style to match your favorite rooster themed decor.


4. Rooster Pitcher Jug

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Wade-Ceramics-Gluggle-Jugs-Rooster-Pitcher-G31678-PAP

Wade Ceramics Gluggle Jug: Paprika Rooster

Everyone will get a kick out of it when this rooster crows (or more like gargles). Ok that’s not sounding very appetizing! But seriously, how fun is this juice pitcher? The mouth is even wide enough you could use it for sangria!

  • The Gluggle Jug comes in 4 colors: Green, Blue, White and Paprika Red.
  • It’s also available in 2 sizes: Regular (32 oz) & Mini (2 oz)

Of course there are other styles of pitchers to choose from too (this one just happens to be our family favorite).

*Note: They seem to sell out of these frequently, so if you see your favorite color in stock you might want to get it while you can.

5. Harlequin Glass Cutting BoardBest Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Rooster-Harlequin-Glass-Cutting-Board-SB3086LCB

Harlequin Glass Cutting Board

How beautiful is this glass cutting board? Can you just imagine serving some fine meats, cheeses and fruits on this? It’s so lovely and unique it will surely become an instant conversation starter.

Now if only I could find some rooster wine glasses! (Can’t find any on Wayfair, but they do have Peacock wine glasses). At least you can re-cork your bottle with this adorable rooster wine topper.

6. Utensil HolderBest Rooster Kitchen Decor on Wayfair: Home-Rooster-Utensil

Anchor Hocking Rooster Utensil Holder

The sunrise red of this utensil holder adds an extra delightful splash of country color to your kitchen. Heavy, sturdy and well made it’s big enough to hold all your utensils, but cute enough to make you smile as you reach for the spatula to cook your fried eggs in the morning.

7. Kitchen TowelsBest Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Rooster-Jacquard-KT-set-of-2-JQ-26369-S2

Rooster Jacquard Kitchen Towel

Another beautiful work of art I believe you won’t find in stores. According to one customer, this kitchen towel very high quality and absorbs water very well (she even went back to order another set! I can see why).

8. Cooking Set

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Medley-Rooster-Kitchen-Set-28Set-of-4-29

4 Piece Cooking Mat Set


9. Cooking Apron

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Womens-Apron-Original-Rooster-Apron-WO-10029

Rooster Apron

10. Beverage Dispensers
Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: 3-Piece-Beverage-Dispenser-Set-ATGR3686

Rooster 3 Piece Beverage Dispenser

While you’re at it, you might want to pluck a set of these matching cups:

11. Rooster Coasters

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Thirstystone-Rooster-Proud-Occasions-Coaster-VYB1

Proud Occasions Coaster Set of 4


12. Rooster Flatware

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: French-Rooster-20-Piece-Flatware-Set

French Rooster 20 Piece Flatware Set

13. Serving TraysBest Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Rooster-Chip-and-Dip-Tray-41968

Silver Rooster Chip and Dip Tray

Also available from the silver series by Star Home, are these dip dish with spreader, nut bowl, serving pedestal and canape tray:

14. Jars and CanistersBest Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Rooster-Jar-41879

Rooster Jar

15. Rooster Stoneware

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair:

Stoneware Rooster Container

16. Stackable StorageBest Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: 10-Piece-Stackable-Rooster-Design-Glass-Mixing-Bowls-Set-MW2006W

10 Piece Stackable Rooster Glass Storage Bowl Set


17. Trivets

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Chasseur-Cast-Iron-Rooster-Trivet

Chasseur French Cast Iron Rooster Trivet

*Note: Wouldn’t this look fantastic with the red utensil holder mentioned above (#6)?

18. Napkin and Paper Towel (or Cup) HoldersBest Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Spectrum-Diversified-Rooster-Paper-Towel-Holder-in-Red-37184CAT

Rooster Paper Towel Holder (used as cup holder shown in pic)


19. Dinnerware

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Chanticleer-Country-16-Piece-Stoneware-Dinnerware-Set-51645

Chanticleer Country Stoneware Dinnerware 16 Piece Set

20. Table RunnerBest Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair:

Rooster Table Runner


21. Valances

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair:

Maxie 2 Piece Valance and Tier Set


22. Rugs and MatsHome-and-More-Rooster-Mat-151021827

Rooster Doormat – She Rules the Rooster (how can we not love this!)


*Note: The diamond harlequin mat would go great with the matching glass cutting board (#5)! There’s also a matching hook and leash holder.

23. Rooster Racks

Best Rooster Kitchen Decor Items on Wayfair: Rooster-Hanging-Pot-Rack

Rooster Hanging Pot Rack


24. Rooster ChandelierBest Rooster Kitchen Decor on Wayfair: Sterling-Industries-Rooster-4-Light-Mini-Chandelier-122-014

Rooster 4 Light Mini Chandelier

And finally to top it all off, what kitchen would be complete without this elegant rooster chandelier to set the mood just right. Well crafted from dark bronze and included with 4 x 4oW bulbs for a soft ambient glow, it’s definitely must-have country chic kitchen decor.

That’s it for our best rooster kitchen decor items from Wayfair. I’m sure a few somethings caught your fancy! Of course the list isn’t extensive, these are just our favs.

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I’d love to hear about which rooster kitchen decor items you choose. Please let me know in the comments below 🙂 And if you want to share your photos, that would be super awesome too! I LOVE seeing different rooster themed decor!


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